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With Pay Online, you have a simple and secure e-commerce payment page that dynamically displays payment methods according to the purchase context, and is able to support you throughout your geographical reach.

Agnostic of payment acceptance solutions, it ensures high availability thanks to an intelligent switching between PSPs in case of problem.

The solution is easy to integrate, and our teams provide APIs and clear documentation to help you master the payment aspects.

Discover Pay Online and its features

Advantages of Pay Online

For merchants and their customers

Advantages for the merchant

Optimized conversion rate

With Pay Online, your payment page has several PSPs, one of which you select as the main one. If there is a problem with this one, a switch is made to prevent you from losing transactions and therefore turnover.

Adapted means of payment

By adapting to the purchase context (location, amount of the basket), Pay Online offers your customers adapted payment methods. Thanks to this, you are sure to offer the right payment method and thus increase your sales.

Fraud management

With Pay Online, you benefit from fraud management orchestrated by Market Pay with payment and payment scoring, among others.

Customer advantages

Wide variety of payment options

Thanks to a dynamic display of the means of payment, your customers find options adapted according to the context of purchase (amounts, geography,...)

A secure platform

To ensure a safe and secure experience for your customers, Pay Online undergoes regular security and regulatory updates.

Fluid path

The payment stage can be a barrier to purchase if the checkout process is not adapted. With Pay Online, offer your customers a fast and fluid path to maximize your conversions.


To make e-commerce payment smooth and easy to manage

Acceptance of payment methods

With Pay Online, you can accept a wide range of standard and alternative payment methods to offer your customers maximum choice.

Acquisition of means of payment

CB, Visa, Mastercard, Bancontact... Pay Online allows the acquisition of a large number of payment methods in order to offer the best solution to your customers, everywhere in the world.

High availability

By leveraging multiple PSPs, the solution orchestrates automatic routing in the event of a problem and ensures the continuity of the online payment process.

Merchant Portal

You can view the details of your transactions, apply refunds or cancellations, or view reporting data.

Centralized fraud management

With Pay Online, you get the assurance of a secure platform with centralized fraud management, 3DS and DSP2 exemptions.

Payment methods

Challenges & solutions

You are confronted with several issues impacting your turnover and your results

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