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E-Commerce acceptance & acquiring platform enabling an optimized conversion rate


Pay Online is an acceptance & acquiring solution that allows you to optimize the payment tunnel with high availability. It allows you to propose a secure and simple payment page that dynamically displays payment methods according to the purchase context, and is able to accompany you throughout your geographical reach.

By being agnostic of payment solutions in acceptance, it ensures high availability while remaining up to date with regulatory changes.

The solution is easy to integrate. We provide you with APIs and clear documentation to help you master the payment aspects. In addition, a dedicated team supports you throughout the project, ensuring complete control and identification of your needs.


Pay Online integrates easily with merchant ecosystems using APIs.

By relying on several PSPs (Payment Service Providers), it ensures a robust and reliable online payment process.

As a global solution, it is ideal for supporting the growth of e-merchants in new territories by adapting to local payment methods.

Regardless of the specificities of the market, Pay Online delivers a seamless shopping experience.

The solution provides access to a centralized management interface that allows you to view transaction status and details in real time, apply refunds or cancellations, and view reporting and financial reconciliation data.


With Market Pay’s Pay Online solution, choose a secured and dynamic payment experience.

  • A secure solution, up to date with regulations and standards (PSD2, PCI-DSS, 3DS2)
  • A unique partner capable of supporting your geographic expansion
  • A solid solution with maximum availability thanks to dynamic routing to PSP
  • A customized follow-up with a team at your disposal to accompany you


Offer a better payment experience to your customers

  • A smooth customer experience with a dynamic payment page
  • Innovative payment methods adapted to the purchasing context


With the Pay Online solution, you have access to a portal available in several languages allowing you to consult the status and details of transactions in real time, and to apply different actions, such as refunds or cancellations, depending on the profile, allowing you to carry out your accounting reconciliation.


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