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For large amounts, increase your turnover by bypassing the card limit

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With the Pay by Bank simplified transfer, offer your customers a simple and efficient way to pay for their high value purchases, without having to enter a bank account number, IBAN or even a beneficiary to add: the amount and reference of the payment are automatically filled in, and all they have to do is validate their payment in a secure way.

Whether for your physical or online business, Pay by Bank is a guaranteed, irrevocable and economically very advantageous way of maximizing the conversion of high value baskets, and therefore your turnover.

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Pay by Bank Advantages

For merchants and their customers

Advantages for the merchant

Increase your sales

With Pay by Bank simplified transfer, you eliminate the risk of rejected payments due to card limits. With a better conversion, you increase your turnover.

Guaranteed and irrevocable payments

Once the payment is validated by your customer, its execution is guaranteed. The completed payment is not subject to chargebacks as are card payments.

Save money

With Pay by Bank, no interchange, no CB/Visa/Mastercard fees: accepting a Pay by Bank payment is more advantageous and economical for all baskets over 100€.

Available in stores and online

Take advantage of the Pay by Bank simplified transfer on your website by adding the payment method to your payment page, and in store with PayWish®.

Customer advantages

A fluid path

With Pay By Bank, the customer selects his bank and then validates the transfer very quickly with all the pre-filled information, without having to enter the beneficiary or the IBAN.

A secure payment method

Pay by Bank's simplified transfer requires strong authentication when the customer logs into their bank, ensuring that only they can approve the payment from their account.

Compatible with large amounts

No more spending limits due to card limits! Thanks to Pay by Bank, your customers will be able to pay for large baskets without having to worry about their card limits.


Payment by bank transfer within everyone's reach

Pre-filled information

Your customer has easy access to his bank via his smartphone and finds the pre-filled information of the transaction, allowing him to quickly validate the payment.

An omnichannel solution

Pay by Bank is accessible even in-store via our PayWish® application, allowing all your customers to pay by simplified transfer.

Invoice payment

When settling an invoice, send your customer a payment link with all the information inherent to the invoice allowing them to make their payment.

Challenges & solutions

You are confronted with several issues impacting your turnover and your results

Client Cases

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