Payment solutions that complement each other

At Market Pay, we offer complementary payment solutions to provide you with an omnichannel payment experience.

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The most suitable payment solutions for you and your customers

Whatever your sales channel, we help you simplify your shopping experience and provide you and your customers with the most appropriate payment solutions. With our long experience, we understand the entire payment chain, including financing, and are able to manage the acceptance and acquiring of your payments with ease. Learn more about our products and let us manage your payments.


The payment acceptance solution on Android

PayWish® is our payment acceptance solution that turns Android devices into payment terminals. Through a mobile application, it allows you, whatever the size of your business, to accept contactless payments of any amount on your NFC-enabled Android smartphones or tablets.

PayWish® makes mobile sales experiences much easier, whether at the point of sale or outside (home delivery, mobile sales, VTC...) but can also offer a seamless experience for all businesses (convenience stores, mass retail...).

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Pay By Bank

The simplified transfer payment solution

Pay by Bank is our simplified transfer solution that allows you to initiate a transfer, usually instantaneously, from your customer's account to your own account via Market Pay.

More secure and less expensive than a card or check payment, with a smoother path than a standard transfer, Pay by Bank increases conversion of large baskets by offering consumers a seamless path with no spending limits.

With Pay by Bank, you can offer a new payment experience in e-commerce or in-store via our PayWish® solution.

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Pay By Bank

Pay Online

The dynamic e-commerce payment solution

Pay Online is our acceptance and acquiring offering that allows you to optimize the payment tunnel with high availability.

This solution offers a secure and simple payment page that dynamically displays payment methods according to the purchase context, and is able to support you throughout your geographical reach.

By being agnostic of the payment solutions in acceptance, our e-commerce platform ensures a high availability while remaining up to date with the regulatory evolutions.

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Pay Online

Pay On site

The in-store acceptance solution

Pay On Site is our electronic payment terminal solution. Take advantage of a centralized, state-of-the-art acceptance platform linked to our pre-acquisition solution.

With Pay On Site, you choose a solution that allows your customers to pay with all current payment methods and enjoy the perfect payment experience for businesses of all sizes.

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