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At the point of sale, payment is a key moment in the purchasing process. There are many obstacles to its completion. 

Who hasn't experienced long queues at the checkout or had payments rejected because of credit card limits?

Direct consequences: dissatisfied customers and loss of turnover. 

Thanks to its various solutions, Market Pay supports merchants in making payment the culmination of a successful shopping experience.


The most mobile payment solution on the market

No matter where you are, accompany your customers and cash them directly without causing a break in the journey.

The PayWish application turns all NFC-enabled Android devices into a contactless payment terminal with no amount limit. Enter the amount and the customer just has to approach his card. The receipt is sent by email or SMS.

PayWish also offers payment by link. The customer receives on his smartphone a link to the payment page, as in e-commerce. He then chooses his payment method, credit card, bank transfer or fractional payment.

With PayWish's mobile cashiering solution in the hands of vendors, free yourself from traditional POS terminals and their checkout areas to expand your sales floor.

100% secure for the customer and the merchant, the solution receives regular security updates.

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Your phone becomes a terminal

Turn your Android device into a 100% functional contactless payment terminal, without any constraints linked to a dedicated Eftpos terminal and with a reduced ecological footprint.

No limit on the amount

No more limits on the amount you can collect thanks to the payment link and the integrated bank transfer solution Pay by Bank.

A wide range of choices

Acceptance of a wide range of payment methods: by CB, Wallet, in installments,...

Easy to integrate

An easy integration, in a few clicks, compatible with your information system and your bank.

A 100% mobile solution that can be taken anywhere


Whether it's assisted sales, mobile and ephemeral businesses or home service, with PayWish® you can take your payment solution anywhere. With greater mobility and flexibility, you can offer your customers an optimized payment experience.

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