Carrefour Voyages

Carrefour Voyages, tour operator of the Carrefour group, has chosen Pay by Bank to expand its payment methods and offer new options to its customers

Discover Pay by Bank

Our Pay by Bank solution is deployed in the Carrefour Voyages agency network

Paying large amounts can be problematic for both consumers and merchants. For the consumer, the payment may be rejected due to the card limit, which will negatively impact their experience at the merchant. For the merchant, a poor conversion rate means fewer sales and therefore less revenue.

With shopping carts often reaching several thousands of euros, the travel sector is particularly prone to this problem.

For a one-week stay abroad, including flights and hotels, prices quickly exceed €1,000.

Pay by Bank solve this problem by proposing to the customers of Carrefour Voyages agencies to pay by simplified transfer.

What is a simplified transfer?

For the consumer, it is above all the process that is simpler than a classic transfer:

  • No RIB or iban to provide
  • No beneficiary to add
  • No order reference to add
  • At the time of payment, the customer only has to select his bank and then validate the payment with his bank in a few clicks

For Carrefour Voyages, Pay by Bank allows above all to optimize the collection of large amounts, while erasing the usual drawbacks of the transfer :

  • The reconciliation is simplified: the transfer order is lettered automatically, without the risk of error related to the manual entry of the order reference
  • The payment is guaranteed and irrevocable: the customer cannot cancel it before it is executed. Once executed, it is not subject to chargeback (retrofaturaction) like card payments.

Today, the solution is deployed in more than 100 Carrefour Voyages agencies, allowing customers and sellers to enjoy an innovative, simple and reliable payment experience.